In Adam Pack we follow the state of the art offset printing technology.

Offset Printing

Very high quality printing is produced in sophisticated Offset machines, specially designed for printing on  PE Board latest technology, with UV drying systems and 6 color photographic quality process.

Our two production lines allow flexibility to our production capacity.

We are able to cope with large volumes runs for our customers but also with special smaller runs for special, seasonal and promotional product packagings.

Sizes 0,25lt – 320ml – 0,5lt – 750ml – 1lt – 1,5lt – 2lt.

Adam Pack for the necessary protection and assurance of the fresh packaged products shelf life, has secured carton production materials with special layers from the most recognized international brands.

Gable Top Cartons PE
Suitable for fresh products with short shelf life which are kept chilled.

Gable Top Cartons EVOH
For extended shelf life products with additional protective layer of special technology internally.

Aluminum Gable Top Cartons
For long life products with internal special aluminum layer inside.