The Company

ADAM PACK  is active in the field of paper packaging for liquid food and particularly in the production of gable top cartons for milk and juice as well as the production of plastic spouts… more

Gable top cartons

In today’s modern competitive business environment our top priority is to adopt the following principles on which we base entirely our business activity… more

Spouts for gable top cartons

The production of plastic spouts is complementary to the carton production for many of our customers. The fully automated, high capacity, production of spouts with dimensions Φ25,Φ31… more

Quality & Safety

  • Our key production mission is the be the leader in our field

  • We share a common creative vision with all our people

  • Competitiveness and Investments

  • Continuous improvement in our method of work as well as in the current production procedures

  • Product safety and hygiene in the production of food packing materials

  • Commitment for the full compliance with the relevant European and Greek legislation pertaining to the business operation and the health and safety regulations for food and beverages packaging materials

Technical Support

In our effort to assure the smooth and continuous operation of our customers’ production lines we have created our own network of technical support. more