In the modern competitive market environment we set as a basic operational and production priority the safety of our people and the high quality of our products. The food packaging sector requires:

  • Competitiveness and Investments
  • Continuous improvement in our method of work as well as in the current production procedures
  • Product safety and hygiene in the production of food packing materials.
  • Control and assurance of the quality specification for the products
  • Commitment for the full compliance with the relevant European and Greek legislation pertaining to the business operation and the health and safety regulations for food and beverages packaging materials.

We comply:

  • With the strict legal framework for the quality assurance of our products and the production procedures.
  • The quality specifications for food packaging.


We adhere to

  • The most modern methods for the control of the raw materials and our products
  • The strictest market instructions and the quality specifications of our partners